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Skylark Visits 

The Skylark Nature Reserve is in the village of Barlow, Nr Goole & Selby in North Yorkshire. 

Outdoor Ted has been using the site for 5 years with over 2000 pupils accessing the activities designed and delivered by Sky Sports Teacher of the Year Stacey Howard. 

One of the advantages of using the Skylark Nature Reserve for school visits is that it is closed to the public during the week. Once you have arrived we lock the gates so no one can get in but also your pupils can't get out. 

Home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, often school groups get a glimpse of the roe deer, the cheeky fox but will also see signs of the other animals that live on site, such as badger footprints, owl pellets, and lots of animal poo to discover. 


  • Indoor Classroom 

  • Toilets

  • Small Kitchen for making hot drinks

  • Outdoor Classroom 

  • Fire Pit Area

  • Pond

  • Acres of woodland 

Skylark Activities

Info Poster.jpg
A typical day.jpg
TeamBuilding .jpg
Stone Age Days.jpg
Nature Days.jpg

Above are just a few examples of some of the activities and themed days we can organise for your visits. 

Our most popular days are KS2 team building activities and our Yr 3 stone age days.

We are always adding new activities to our offer. If there is something specific you have in mind please just get in touch. 

Just click on the posters to see more details.

Team Building * Problem Solving * Arrows Archery * Stone Age * Great Fire of London * Nature Art  * Bee Activities * Nature Based Activities * Orienteering * 

and much more..

Coming Soon *Eco-Champions * Forest School Yoga * 

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