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School Visits

Before Outdoor Ted, Stacey worked as an Advanced Teaching Assistant, A KS1 Multi-Skills Coach and is still a School Games Organiser for the Selby District. 

After completing many Coaching UK qualifications in SEND, Wheelchair Basketball, Quidditch, Multi-Skills plus traditional sports schools often request visits as part of CPD. 

During COVID Stacey designed and delivered many virtual competitions and personal challenges for the Outdoor Ted YouTube channel. 

*Multi Skills - A 6 week delivery for KS1 pupils and staff CPD to learn about the FUNdamentals of movement. The ABC's (Agility Balance & Coordination) are transferable skills needed for all sports and even every day life. 

Please note schools must have basic PE equipment for this to be delivered.

More details on request. 

*Quidditch - This game made popular by the Harry Potter books is a fantastic sport and something new to try. Combining elements of Tag Rugby, Netball, and Dodgeball this sport is guaranteed to be fully inclusive for all your pupils. 

Delivery can be over 4 weeks for pupils or a 2 hour CPD event for staff. 

Please note schools must purchase Quidditch sets prior to delivery. 

Your PE premium funding can be used for this. 

*Outdoor Ted - Some elements of Outdoor Ted can be delivered in your own school grounds. Small team building, basic orienteering, PE escape rooms (orienteering quizzes/active learning)

Equipment Provided 

*Inclusive Sports - Indoor Kurling and Boccia are available for schools to try.

One off events in schools, competitions and an introduction to the basics. 

Equipment Provided 

*Traditional Sports - Quicksticks hockey, Football, Netball, Rounders & Kwick Cricket.

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