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Welcome to ODT TV

Here you will find YouTube videos designed, scripted and presented by Maddie.

They will be split into three categories

The Outdoors: Activities that involve being outdoors from nature to games.

Personal Challenges & Physical Activities: These are videos where children can try to beat their own records

Cultural Olympics: These are fun activities from around the world COMING SOON

We will try to add at least one new video a week some of the videos were designed for our local schools and include information to submit scores, please just ignore the score submissions.

We hope you have fun.


NEW - Family Fit Challenge

Newly launched to help schools and families during in lockdown towards their target of 60 active minutes a day. Use the pack to fit around your daily lockdown routine. 

The activity pack has everything you need

  • Fun activities - throughout the day 

  • Fun activities you can add yourself

  • Home chart

  • School Chart

  • Can be used as a family

  • Can be a competition

  • If you need any more information just email

family fit.jpg

The Outdoors

The latest video upload will appear in this box with a brief description.

Can you make a home for the bumble bees?

Maddie teaches you how to make a house for bumble bees. With advice from 

How to make a bug hotel.

How to make seed balls for


How to make a pine cone bird feeder

Shelter Building

Pine Cone Baseball

The leaf challenge

Personal Challenges & Physical Activities

Some of the personal challenge videos contain information for submitting scores. This is because initially the videos were sent out to schools in the Selby District which wanted the option of submitting scores for pupils enabling us to run them as localised virtual competitions. If you would like to run them in your areas as a competition we recommend creating a simple form via Google Forms, the enables you to send out a short code/link for parents & schools to access. You can then collect the data and turn it into a spreadsheet giving you data for winners but also to see how many people are participating. 


We are hoping to add more videos w/c 11/01/2021 some of these will be personal challenges others will be fun games. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing or via the online form. 

Many thanks,

Team ODT 

The latest video upload will appear in this box with a brief description.

W/C 17th May

Figure of 8 

Grab & Twist


Catch & Clap

1 balloon 4 challenges

Standing Long Jump

Around the World

Balance Challange

5 Multi-Skills Challenges

The Ultimate Warrior Challenge

Cultural Olympics

Coming Soon

Cultural Olympics.png
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