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Madster's Memory Match Challenge.

Brand new for 2022, Madster's Memory Match Challenge. This pack contains everything you need to play. Can be used by schools, families or sports clubs and includes blank templates for you to put your own spin on it.

Simply split your group into teams to play a giant game of pairs, each pair comes with a challenge. The team to collect most pairs and complete all the challenges is the winning team. 

See pack for full details and rules. 

A brilliant FUNdamentals activity for all. 

FUNdamentals Play Pack


Easy to use PDF to give you some ideas of quick easy to play games, circle girls, parachute games, team building activities and lots more. 

Give this pack to your play leaders, teachers, AOTT or even send to parents to play at home. 

Ever activity will help achieve the Active 30:30 government initiative.

Why not try our flora and fauna quiz  


Give our wordsearches a try

Match the animal footprint

Activity Passport 

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Our activity passport is for families and schools to use. 

Every year group from Reception/EYFS class to Year 6 have 12 fun activities, 1 personal challenge and 1 STEM activity to complete in an academic year. 

Many of the activities contain links to 'how to' pages from Wildlife Trust, Nature Detectives from the Woodland Trust, the RSPB and DRAX designed our STEM activities. 

Just download the book by clicking on the photo next to this box.

Have fun 


More resources to be added soon!


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