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The best trip ever! The children got so much from the full day and were enthusiastic and loved learning lots of new skills. Teamwork, communication, confidence and balance to name a few. The children have been so excited to talk to everyone about the trip since we came back to school.

Thank you for a fabulous day that I am sure the children will remember for a long time. 

Karen Siddall - Year 3/4 Class 

10/10 for all the activities 

All activities were well-organised and we all had a fantastic time at Outdoor Ted.


Would highly recommend.

Richard Townend Year 4 Barlby C.P School

An amazing day, the children really enjoyed it and it was super to see them all working together as a team. It did help that we had lovely dry weather. The staff, Stacey and Bob, were super with the class too, top notch!!

One a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the children's overall experience? 10/10 

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